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Sandra Bullock has been one of the most reserved and conservative artists in Hollywood. As a famous actress, she hasn’t been in the eye or in the front of many gossip newspapers or magazines about her personal life. She has been able to be one the best and most important celebrities in the world without making much fuzz about anything she does.
However, in this post, we are going to talk about her personal life, relationships and her children. Just making a summary of what her love and mother life has been like since she became a Hollywood star.

The Undestined Love Birds – Keanu & Sandrakeanu and sandra bullok

She has been with a lot of other celebrities in her life. She was engaged with the actor Tate Donovan, who she met in the film Love Potionnº 9, but they didn’t marry at the end. In 1994 she had a romance affair with Keanu Reeves after filming Speed and in 2011 there was a rumor about the actors being together again. In 1996 she started a relationship with Matthew McConaughey that lasted about four years; they met in the filming of A Time To Kill.

She dated Ryan Gosling – her partner in Murder By Numbers – for approximately a year; years after they broke up, Gosling declared that Bullock was one of the only two women he has been in love with, ever. After the shooting of The Proposal, she was linked to various encounters with Ryan Reynolds, something that was denied by herself in many times and of course in the 68th Golden Globe Awards.

The Grave Mistake – Life with Jesse G. James!

The 16th of July in 2005, she married the television host and entrepreneur Jesse G. James. The wedding was celebrated in the actress’ ranch in Santa Barbara, California. For this wedding, many celebrities like Hugh Grant, William Shatner, Jamie Lee Curtis and Keanu Reeves were invited. Five years later, after winning her first Oscar for the role in The Blind Side in the 82nd edition of the Oscars, Jesse James, her husband at the time, publicly admitted having an affair with the model Michelle McGee for more than a year, something that made everyone feel really bad about her.

The Moron Jessie James!

sandra & jesse

Bullock avoided being in public during the divorce and tried to make everything as hidden as possible, she didn’t want anyone to know what has happened. In April of 2010, she was publicly divorced from Jesse James. In an interview, she made with the People magazine she gave details about the divorce process and made an adoption of an Afro-American baby public. Born in New Orleans, this boy was her first child and as a single mother, this action was well-received in many publications. However, her divorce was considered one of the most scandalous happenings in Hollywood of that year.
That year she was in a lot of trouble and at the same time, maybe the best moments of her life after winning an Oscar. Nonetheless, she was hiding that big secret, her new and first adoptedson, Louis.Louis adopted son of Sandra Bullock

“He’s perfect for me, I can’t describe how great and beautiful he is,” Bullock says to the People Magazine, saying that she is the proud mother of his first son Louis Bardo Bullock, a threeand ahalf month-old baby boy from New Orleans.
This adoption was planned by both of them, Bullock and James four years ago after all the fuzz and trouble started. The adoption process was almost ending when they decided to divorce and Bullock kept the baby for herself without making it public until the Oscars had passed. To keep this adoption a secret, she had to trust in all her family and friends as well as James’, his children and all the people who already knew about it.

After the Oscars and her winning award, Bullock and James filed the divorce and she decided to adopt the baby for herself, something that was really appreciated by all her fans. As a single mother, she has been a great one, and we can see how much she loves his first child.

Abc News On The Divorce

The Second Adaptation Happened – Laila

However, this wasn’t the only time she decided to have a baby, years later, she decided to adopt another baby, but this time it wasn’t a boy, but a girl. This girl was named Laila, a baby girl who was living with the actress as shelter refugee until Bullock decided to adopt her as her own child.

Even when Sandra had to keep the secret away from her family and friends while being a shelter parent for the little girl, she had an objective, to give a sister to his little son Louis. She was so proud of her accomplishment that she made it public and admitted of being really proud of herself for making the right choice.

“From the things I had to say and build in order to make Louis not lie to his school friends, to the stories I made up to hide and explain to my friends and work colleagues what the reason of my recent absences was, the excuses were highly elaborated. But there was the possibility that the process of linkages didn’t end up like I wanted it to do and the child protection services decided that I wasn’t the right person for her. That’s why I didn’t have any problem in making up stories to maintain everything as a secret from my colleagues and part of my family,” confessed the actress in an interview for the People magazine, in which she summarizes all the experience in just one phrase: “It was like being in the witness protection program!”

“The majority of children being in adoption shelters are there because they had to abandon their biologic families in tragic situations, and the last thing I want to do was making the adoption experience something that would hurt Laila due to my work nature”, said the actress in the interview, where she asserted that she tried to hide the secret from the beginning and even lied to the press one time just because she didn’t want the child to feel more stressed after dealing with the paparazzi or people making her feel uncomfortable.

“The first time she entered my house she was very nervous and scared, but my son and I made a great effort in order to make her feel secure and like home”, for her, having another child was just awesome.
After a lot of things in her personal life, all we can say is that Bullock is maybe one of the most human, humble and anti-scandal celebrities in Hollywood who just wants to live her life in peace and without any interruptions from the people who just want to make everything feel like a disaster or make her feel uncomfortable.


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