Philanthropy of Sandra Bullock – A True Altruist

Sandra Bullock is a popular Hollywood actress with a great talent and a kind heart. Through her lifetime she has appeared in many Hollywood productions which were successful both in US and internationally and has also been engaged in producing a number of Hollywood movies.  However, aside from her filming and production careers, she’s well known to engage in philanthropy work and help the needy, especially in times of natural disasters. Her support for charity organizations and donations for good causes is enough to introduce her as an actress with a good heart.

Awards Deserved!

Among her many awards she has received for her excellent acting, are special awards she received with pride for her social work. Bullock’s major contributions to charity were for the American Red Cross organization. She donated her wealth, several, or if taken precisely, four times to the American Red Cross, donating $1 million dollars during each donation. Her first donation of $1 million to the Red Cross was for the organization’s Liberty Disaster Relief Fund in 2001.

And again after three years, her second donation of the same amount was given as relief for the earthquake and Tsunami which occurred in the Indian Ocean in the year 2004 causing major life and property damage to a number of countries around the Indian Ocean. Sandra Bullock again donated $1 million as relief for the Haiti Earthquake which occurred in 2010. Finally, her fourth donation was given of the same amount in the year 2011 in aid of the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami.

‘Big Hearted’ Sandra Bullock

She also engaged in influencing people as a celebrity for many charity projects and good causes. One such instance was where she, together with many other celebrities made a public announcement to the public, asking people to sign and support a petition for the cleaning efforts of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. In another instance she along with other stars, supported the work of Amos Ramirez, the founder and CEO of the KLF (The Kindred Life Foundation) in 2008. She also backs the KLF which was a Texas domestic non-profit foundation which was active since the year 1997. Sandra also praised Amos Ramirez at a fundraising gala by KLF by saying that he had taken a huge effort to help families in need and that more such organizations are needed for America that’s committed for their work and for a good cause like KLF does.

Praised Bullock Initiativessandra bullock at warren charity work

As mentioned previously, Bullock was praised for her philanthropy work by many organizations. First and foremost, she was inducted to the Warren Easton Hall of Fame in year 2013 for the donations she had given for charity projects. And in the same year, she received an award for her work as well. The Favorite Humanitarian Award given at the People’s Choice Awards in the year 2013 was also awarded to Sandra Bullock. This award was presented as a token for appreciation for her contributions for the Warran Easton Charter High in New Orleans after it was subjected to severe damage in year 2005 due to the Hurricane Katrina which affected the United States.