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  • Relationships and Children of Sandra Bullock

    Sandra Bullock has been one of the most reserved and conservative artists in Hollywood. As a famous actress, she hasn’t been in the eye or in the front of many gossip newspapers or magazines about her personal life. She has been able to be one the best and most important celebrities in the world without […]

  • sandra bullock helping everybody

    Philanthropy of Sandra Bullock – A True Altruist

    Sandra Bullock is a popular Hollywood actress with a great talent and a kind heart. Through her lifetime she has appeared in many Hollywood productions which were successful both in US and internationally and has also been engaged in producing a number of Hollywood movies.  However, aside from her filming and production careers, she’s well […]

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    Sandra Bullock: Rich Biography

    Born on 26th of July, 1964, in Arlington, Virginia, USA, Sandra Annette Bullock spent most of her childhood days in Nuremberg, Germany. Her mother was a German opera singer and a voice coach by the name Helga Meyer while her father was a USA Army employee and a part time voice teacher named John W. […]