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January 13th, 2014 - Awards - Luciana - Comment?


Sandra arrived at the Golden Globes red carpet. Come back later for full coverage, and good luck, Sandy!

  • Sabrina Sun

    Well…..Nice!!! Good luck, Sandy!

  • Chef, Carlos Botero

    Sandra, I have read bad articles about you. Comments that I totally desagree
    I believe there are people full of envy out there who wished they had the life, talent, and beauty you have. My name is Chef Carlos Botero. This is what I do now, I worked as an actor for 20 years of my life. I am 39 now, Why cooking? well, I guess is because I didn’t find help to get myself known or something like that. But well, please don’t think I am righting this for any purpose. I am happy being a Chef, that I would acting if I had a chance, sure, (any way it my passion since I was a kid, and always been), but until then, I will happily keep cooking. So I bed you good eating!!!

    Chef, and former actor Carlos Botero.