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MTV Movie Awards – Vote for Sandy!

Apr 1st, 2010

Help choosing the 2010 MTV Movie Awards nominees until April, 9. You can vote every day on the links below:

Best KissSandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds – The Proposal
Best Female PerformanceSandra Bullock – The Blind Side & The Proposal
Best Comedic PerformanceSandra Bullock – The Proposal
Global StarSandra Bullock
Best MovieThe Proposal & The Blind Side

4 Comments on “MTV Movie Awards – Vote for Sandy!

  1. Bradley Badder

    There is alo Best WTF Moment for Betty White feeling Sandra Bullock’s boobs -I’ve been voting for that too.
    Were here for you SANDY!

  2. terry

    hi sandra I think it so sad, if i were married to you i wood love you , ithink you are the most sexiest woman on the screen.if u wood like a date my email is please call me

  3. luis rogerio moraes

    sandra bullock sou um adimirador voce e linda perfeita aquele idiota nao a merecia nen mesmo de estar proxima de voce beijos vc merece no minimo de um anjo ao seu lado

  4. Marion Kenyon

    Sandra, I have watched you most of life, you do not even need make up , you have natural beuty I pray for you a lot, I think what James did was uncalled for. yes, you need a baby of your choice. Stick in there, things will pick up, you are the number one most beatiful woman in the world. I watch your movies, I am not a stocker, in fact , I am a retired Airline pilot, you are my favorite talent. Please don’t think I am writing this for a purpose, I am not. this is from my heart. God Bless you , Ilove you Marion

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