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Golden Globes: First Look

Jan 18th, 2010

Beautiful! Go Sandy!

3 Comments on “Golden Globes: First Look

  1. b. potter

    Why oh why is Sandra’s face so mask-like? She hardly moved a muscle during her acceptance speech at the GG awards. So sad.

  2. Zdenka Burnett

    Sandra looked gorgeous!!!! And that purple Dress was beautiful!! Great choice Sandy!! And I’m so glad you won for the blindside!! I’m just glad you won a golden globe award!! Lol! Cause your my Favourite actress and all and your my idol! You looked gorgeous Hun!! I live how you did your hair bye the way to. That looked very beautiful to 🙂 ok bye bye xoxo love you Sandra!!

  3. Zdenka Burnett

    I love how you did your hair**

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