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Sandra Bullock is widely known as one of Hollywood's top actresses, starring in countless films including Speed, Miss Congeniality, Gravity and The Blind Side, for which she scored a best actress Oscar. Supporting Bullock's career since 2002, Adoring Sandra is where you can find information about the America Sweetheart and all of her films, an extensive photo gallery and much, much more. Enjoy your stay!

New layout and pics

Sep 16th, 2008

Well as you can see we have a new layout and I was totally inspired by an old In Style photoshoot of Sandy. I think she looks so stunning in these pics, and as a bonus since they weren’t there already I have just added them to the gallery! So, enjoy…

3 Comments on “New layout and pics

  1. maja

    I love Sandra Bullock.You are my best actress.

  2. Ida

    Wow, I love the new layout. The purple looks great.

  3. Marcus

    Die wichtigste Nachricht des Lebens!
    Es gibt jemanden der Sandra Bullock mehr liebt, als jemals ein Mensch könnte….Jesus Christus….Er lebt und liebt auch Sandra….
    Gerne bin ich bereit, mehr Ausunft darüber zu geben, aber in der Bibel und mit einem ehrlichem Herzen, wird er sich finden lassen….;-)

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